Brand Values


We consider it fundamental to feel proud of each and every one of our products; therefore, we control the quality during all of the production process.


One of Lavand’s distinctive symbols is our original prints. Each of them is adapted to the designs with a unique touch that turns every garment into an artwork.


Each collection, for every season, all of our designs transmit good vibrations and a positive attitude.


Since its creation Lavand stood out due to its unique essence, which makes all our designs powerful and special.

World perspective

The company operates in all of the international markets and has a professional team from all over the globe.


Any woman can be a Lavand girl; regardless of age, our garments look good on mothers and daughters alike. We do not design for only one season, but for our garments to last forever.


The image of our brand is energetic, romantic and attractive. Lavand is more than a brand, it is an identifiable feeling.